Juandi Syafrin
Sr. Python Developer
Repository: https://juandisay.org/git
Hi, I’m Juan.
I’m Sr. Python Developer, Active as an open source on Github and freelancer professional from 2015.
Previous join as Backend Developer on prosa.ai focus for Backend and NLP integrator.
For further information, you can see my description about level language, skills, and recent employment
in below
English: Conversational
Indonesia: Fluent
Programing Language: Python (all versions), NodeJs (All versions), and Javascript
Framework Backend: Django, Flask, FastApi, tornado, and ExpressJs
Framework Frontend: VueJS, ReactJS, and ElectronJS
Database: PostgresSQL, MySql, Sqlite, MariaDB, and Redis
Async and Broker: Celery, Kafka, and RabbitMQ
Scraper: Scrapy, beautifulsoup, selenium, and Cheerio
Serverless: Openfaas, Vercel,and Aws Lambda
Platforms: Digital Ocean, Heroku, Vmware, AWS, Azure and Google
More: Git, Nginx, Elasticsearch, Haproxy, Jankins, CI/CD, and SaltStack
Sr. Back-end Developer (Full-time Remote)
on prosa.ai [https://prosa.ai], 2021 - 2022.
Project history on prosa.ai:
Legaltech-bca : Task management and analysis for legal agreement dan law on BCA
(Bank Central Asia).
Legaltech-pegadaian: Analysis document Legal for Pegadaian Indonesia.
SKK BCA: Analysis Document Legal BCA
Update ChatBot Product
Build Service API with Django Framework
Database Postgres
Taask with Redis and Celery
Integrations with NLP System
Deploy on Docker environment
Sr.Back-end Developer (Part-time Remote)
on Sagara Technology [https://www.sagaratechnology.com], 2020 - now.
Project history on sagara technology:
Chandra Asri Projects [ chandra-asri.com ]: Build Akses FTP, Decrypt GPG, and
Render PDF
Akseleran [ akseleran.com ]: Monitoring of Suspicious Financial Transactions
(TKM) Lender
Build service API with Flask Framework
Database using PostgresQL
Task with Redis and Celery
Integration with Kafka broker
Deploy service on Docker environment
Contributor Organizer and Freelancer (Part-time Remote)
on Karamel [https://karamel.id], 2020- now.
Project history karamel:
bcadigital.co.id by karamel.id
Build service API with Flask Framework
Build service API Django Framework
Build frontend wth VueJs
Build frontend with ReactJs
Database with Postgres and MySql
Task and store with Redis and Celery
Deploy on Docker environment.
Backend Developer and Desktop Developer (Part-time Remote)
on Dropship Engine [https://dropship-engine.com/], 2017- 2018.
Build service API with Tornado
Build desktop with Electron
Sqlite and JSON
Wrote application for management data tools with API facebook, shopify,
and etc
Backend Developer and Desktop Developer (full-time Remote)
on Peggo [https://peggo.tv], 2017- service off.
Build and Manage System, infrastructure, and maintenance python and
javascript code through automation
Deploy, support, and monitor new and existing services, platforms, and
aplication stacks
Build and Manage application for SEO and Worker
Management data with MariaDB and Redis
Estabilished configuration management tooling for organization using
SaltStack targeting over 300 server linux with over 10,000 states applied
Profesional Freelancer (Remote)
Linkedin, Upwork, remoteok.io, etc, April 2015 – present
Email : info@juandisay.org
Github : https://juandisay.org/git
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/juandisay